Citizenship Practice Test

Web & UX/UI Design

The Opportunity

While freelancing in early 2020, I worked on this project for Machine Agency (Ottawa). Their client wanted to give people a way to practice for their Canadian Citizenship Test online. They reached out to me to design the landing page and UX/UI for the web app, which was to be subscription-based, allowing users to renew their subscriptions monthly, bi-monthly, and tri-monthly.

The project had a quick turnaround time of two weeks – there was minimal visual design direction other than that the design should feel modern yet official and trustworthy.

The Solution

My process began with sketching and exploring similar applications before diving into the layout & mockups. I kept the design clean, simple, and accessible so that users can focus on their test. The palette includes shades of indigo with a bright red accent, a combination that feels calm, reliable, and action-oriented (and need I say, red & white are also very Canadian).

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